About Us

Welcome To TurnerBuilt

Founded by Bruce Turner in 1983, TurnerBuilt is the premier design/build construction and home remodeling company on the Coastside. TurnerBuilt has established an unmatched reputation across the Bay Area for quality, integrity and timeliness in commercial and new home construction and remodeling. Whether we’re remodeling your kitchen, constructing your new dream home or rebuilding your commercial enterprise, we take tremendous pride in delivering top quality work within your budget and time constraints. You can trust us to keep the promises we make and to treat you with the ultimate in professionalism and courtesy.

When the historic Cunha Country Grocery burned to the ground in 2003, it left a huge hole in the heart of downtown Half Moon Bay ­ and in the hearts of its residents. To rebuild this local institution within the insurance-dictated time and budget limitations, the owners of Cunha turned to TurnerBuilt and asked us to execute a design and construction project unlike any in the history of the city. It seemed impossible, but less than one year after the fire ­ ahead of schedule and under budget ­ a new Cunha Country Grocery stood proudly at the corner of Main Street and Kelly Avenue, looking just as it had when it first rose at that location nearly a century ago.

Half Moon Bay trusted TurnerBuilt with its most cherished treasure. Your greatest treasure is your home, and you will find no builder more worthy of your trust than TurnerBuilt.