The Turner Process

Getting Started

TurnerBuilt can help you locate a lot and assist with your plan selection. You can choose from a gallery of existing plans or have one designed specifically for you. You benefit from our outstanding in-house designers or our working relationships with many area architects and engineers. 


Throughout the construction of your new home or remodel, it is our job to guide you through the decisions that affect the finished product. Our professionals take the time to clearly explain all options available to you, from our design/build concepts to material selection. We will meet with you frequently on-site so you can view the progress of your project and make whatever changes are necessary to ensure that your requirements are being met. In addition, our project managers will call regularly to keep you informed throughout the construction process.


TurnerBuilt offers many contracting options. We will work with you to make sure your contract meets your individual needs. 

Project Consultation

We will meet with you to review your plans or to discuss your design ideas and we will provide preliminary design evaluation, projected scheduling, and projected construction costs. Through careful evaluation of your plans and goals, we will assist in setting realistic expectations for your project. In taking the time to thoroughly analyze all of your objectives up front, we can then explain all options and you will be in a position to make sound, informed decisions.


The TurnerBuilt approach to construction allows all parties involved in design and construction to work toward a common goal. You and TurnerBuilt work together as a team to drive the project. The TurnerBuilt approach enables us to:

  • Design a home that meets your expectations.

  • Develop a realistic cost estimate that establishes a budget very early in the design phase.

  • Expedite the construction process because all parties have been thoroughly involved and roles have been clearly defined before actual construction begins.

  • Maintain organized job site conditions and positive relationships with all subcontractors, who are thoroughly familier with the project's objectives.

  • Make the construction of your new home or remodel an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Plan Modification

In some cases, our clients may already have a plan they would like to modify to meet their own individual criteria. We will work with you to modify your plans in a manner which meets both your functional needs and budget.

Lot Location/Site Evaluation

Over the years, TurnerBuilt has developed outstanding working relationships with area developers and realtors. Through these relationships, we can be of great assistance in locating an appropriate lot. Our involvement here can be very beneficial since the topography of any piece of land can dramatically affect the cost of construction. Bruce Turner will meet you on-site to evaluate conditions that will affect placement and cost.

Why You Should Select TurnerBuilt, Inc. ?

The TurnerBuilt Approach

The most important reason for selecting TurnerBuilt as your builder is the "TurnerBuilt Approach." We firmly believe that to successfully build a custom home, you, your architect, and TurnerBuilt must all be involved from the very beginning. Only as a cohesive unit, with all members focused on your needs, can your custom home be conceived, designed and built with the assurance that all your needs will be met. The "TurnerBuilt Approach" creates a foundation conducive to building a high quality home efficiently, on schedule and within your budget.

Architectural, Engineering and Design Services

In most cases a custom home will require professional design services. Whether you already have a pre-purchased set of plans that need to be personalized or you want to start from scratch, TurnerBuilt can provide the guidance required to work most effectively with outside architects, engineers and interior designers.

Quality Field Supervision

Daily supervision of the job site is handled by one of our experienced and customer service-oriented project managers. We provide supervision as needed for each job site. Every TurnerBuilt project manager is experienced in scheduling and job site management and has extensive hands-on experience.

Our project managers are equipped with pagers and cell phones. These tools are as important as any used during the construction process because they make our project managers constantly accessible. TurnerBuilt project managers will contact you a minimum of once a week to provide updates on the project, answer any questions you may have and prevent issues from “falling through the cracks.” This constant communication will enable TurnerBuilt to meet or exceed your expectations.

Experienced Support Personnel

TurnerBuilt's experienced personnel offer you a level of service unmatched by most residential contractors in the San Francisco Bay Area. Once the design phase is completed, your project will move to final pricing. Our estimators will already be familiar with your plans since they have assisted with quantifying and establishing preliminary budget figures. When pricing is complete, your project manager will prepare final specifications, subcontracts and the working schedule. Once started, your project will be assigned to a member of our accounting department who will reconcile all invoices for approval and provide constant budget updates. 

Quality Subcontractors

Subcontractor performance is critical to the success of any project. TurnerBuilt only works with reliable subcontractors who meet our rigid requirements for financial stability, state and local licensing, insurability and most important of all ­ quality workmanship. Our experience has shown time and again that working with the most qualified subcontractors, even at a somewhat higher initial cost, reduces the final project cost because it eliminates the need to go back and fix or enhance completed work.

Above all, TurnerBuilt recognizes that a new custom home is more than just a house to you - it's a dream come true. We commit ourselves to giving you an unmatched level of service, and your home a personal touch, which ensures the construction process is as rewarding as the fulfillment of your dream.