Company Profile

Our Mission

TurnerBuilt’s mission is the American Dream of home ownership and pride ­ we bring to fruition the dreams of our clients by building and remodeling quality homes. 

What does TurnerBuilt do?

We provide complete construction services for home and commercial projects, from the design phase through the permitting process to the actual construction, providing all the detailed, specialized services needed to bring the project to a successful conclusion. This comprehensive, one-stop approach is called design/build, and TurnerBuilt is the only Coastside construction company that provides this level of service.

How does TurnerBuilt’s design/build process work?

Bruce Turner develped the design/build approach to allow our clients to come to us at the conception of the project, well before they would be able to approach a typical custom builder, and plan the entire project from ground zero. We help the client visualize the project and identify their needs, requirements and limitations, then have our in-house design team create a detailed drawing of the project. We then provide a road map of the difficult process of getting permits ­ nobody knows the city, county and Coastal Commission permitting processes better than we do ­ and finally deliver and carry out a detailed construction plan that covers materials, costs and scheduling. TurnerBuilt’s comprehensive approach helps our clients remain in command of the full scope of the project. 

What kinds of projects does TurnerBuilt do?

For existing homes, we build new additions, from family rooms to master suites to entire floors, and remodel everything from kitchens and bathrooms to living rooms and decks. (We can help you visualize all the possibilities of your home.) We build new custom homes, designing and construction the house to the owner’s precise specifications and often assisting in property and site selection. And we do commercial projects, from remodels like Borsini-Burr Galleries and La Petite Baleen to full rebuilding projects like the Cunha Country Grocery. 

How does TurnerBuilt work with remodeling clients?

Most of our remodeling customers aren’t sure, when they first contact us, of all the choices that are available to them ­ and that can be a little intimidating. TurnerBuilt’s responsibility is to help bring these clients into a “comfort zone” by getting to know them, their homes, their family needs and their lifestyles so well that we can present them with choices that will work on all those levels. We’re very, very good at it.

How does TurnerBuilt customize remodel projects for specific clients?

When a client wants TurnerBuilt to create a new kitchen, for example, we won’t just ask what appliances and countertops they want. We’ll find out all we can about what and how they like to cook, where they eat their meals, how they entertain, what food products they buy and how they want to store them. We’ll use that information to design just the kitchen the customer needs, from the location of the stove to the size of the pantry to what additional features are built in (like a wok for Asian cooking, for example). The kitchen of a gourmet cook will look considerably different from the kitchen of a busy family that whips up lots of 20-minute meals. And that’s how it should be. 

How does TurnerBuilt provide all of these design services?

TurnerBuilt has the most sophisticated, experienced in-house design team in the area, which helps us streamline the design process and minimize design costs by making key decisions quickly and intelligently. Bruce Turner maintains special certifications in kitchen and bathroom design to enable him to work with a client on-site to envision the final result of the project. And TurnerBuilt also has years of experience in working with outside architects.

How early in the project should the builder be involved?

Right from the conception. The sooner we can begin to interact with you, the more accurately we can help you discern and resolve the often-difficult issues of cost vs. value ­ the key to creating an accurate, specific budget. We consider it a critical aspect of our service to help our clients make those important decisions. 

Does TurnerBuilt accept every project?

No. A good “match” between the customer and the contractor is critical to the success of any project. Before TurnerBuilt accepts a contract, we’ll talk with the client in detail and develop a preliminary design for the project to make sure that we are the best company to meet the client’s needs. TurnerBuilt provides only the highest levels of construction quality and customer service in the industry, and not every client or project requires the “best of the best.” If our premium level of service wouldn’t be the best or most cost-effective choice for the client, we’ll come right out and say so. You can count on TurnerBuilt’s reputation for honesty and doing what’s best for you ­ even if means we don’t get your business.

What’s special about the way TurnerBuilt builds custom homes?

We listen! We never forget for a moment that we’re building for a family, for a lifetime commitment. We want every custom home project to be an enjoyable experience for the client. To that end, we listen to the client’s needs, address them and listen again. Creating a new home from the ground up is deeply fulfilling for us ­ but only if we are truly making the client’s dreams come true. So we make sure that we’re doing just that.

Does TurnerBuilt specialize in a particular kind of new home?

Yes, because the Coastside demands it. The topography, the weather, the salt air and the tight regulations on coastal development place serious demands on a home builder. TurnerBuilt takes great pride in building homes that fit in with the incredible natural beauty of the California coast ­ we use a high percentage of natural materials and shingles. And we focus on low-maintenance, durable materials that will stand up to local conditions ­ copper, for example, won’t deteriorate in salt air like other less-costly metals, and it’s easy to maintain.

How will TurnerBuilt enhance the value of my home more than another builder might?

The answer is craftsmanship. TurnerBuilt hires only the best of the best in the construction industry, and our craftsmen take a personal pride in doing work that is second to none. You will see the results in the overall quality of the materials and workmanship that have gone into your home, and most particularly in the details ­ the trims, the finishes, the uniform texturing of a wall or the graceful design of a built-in bookcase. Everything we do is focused on the objective of adding maximum value to your home.

How has TurnerBuilt established such a sterling reputation over the years?

We love what we do, and we’re committed to doing it better than anyone else. After more than 20 years in business, we remain passionate about creating new homes and new spaces that will shape a family’s world for years or generations to come. We’ve won our share of awards, but the greatest honor TurnerBuilt can receive is the trust of our neighbors ­ to come into their lives and help them build their dreams. We make sure we reward that trust with the best we can give, and that’s why our clients come back again and again.