Taking care of those who take care of us

I tend to fall in love with a overwhelming majority of the people that I design and build for. The special ones I will designate as special VIP customers and I keep a silent list this I keep in my head. Once we finish a projects, I am often asked if we would consider coming back to take care of smaller projects when the need arises. Where it gets tricky is that I have to be careful about maintaining the priority for previous projects for which I have already made time commitments. As one of our foundational standards at TurnerBuilt is that we are accountable, we take scheduling very seriously, and therefore when we commit to start and completion dates, we no kidding are going to be on time (and on budget). I compress schedules so that the time we spend on any given project is done in the most efficient time frame possible without sacrificing quality.

My solution is to simply make sure that these VIP'd, what I often refer to as 'honey do' lists, organized and actively managed. I simply use them as fill-ins between my regular larger projects that invariably have gaps in our schedule. This works well if there is there is no hurry to take care of these tasks and ends up being a win-win.

Here is a small building that we recently finished for one of my VIP customers who lives in El Granada, CA. This structure covers a well, a water storage tank and pumps, and still yet there is room left for additional uses. It nice enough they could use it for a small study, a yoga retreat or even a small office if it were insulated! I am not sure they have even decided what they might use it for. Something tells me though, it will be more useful than the falling down shed has been replaced and in the past housed garden tools and spiders! VIP's rock!!!


Check this one off the 'honey-do' list! Thanks Mark and Electra for being patient with our schedule!